Friday, August 14, 2009

Las Vegas Temple

We stopped at the Vegas temple to get our picture taken in front. We said cheese and Todd snapped the picture and then.....
Some nice little girl came running up and took our
picture so the whole fam could say cheese.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mandalay Lazy River!!

Ash getting drenched, Josh making her get drenched(brothers can be trouble) and Kai trying to avoid the rushing water fall!!
Jai and Todd getting drenched in the water fall!

Is Kai in the middle trying to stay dry? I wonder if Todd is planning to dunk her? Doesn't Todder have such an innocent face? What will he do... To dunk or not to dunk that is the question!!!

Do you think we should listen to Kai complaining that she got wet? She was trying to stay dry people and you think you can just dunk her whenever you want? I guess thats what happens when you swim... you're probably going to get wet! Kai just looked sad but was really having the time of her life. Right Kai?!

Lion King in Vegas

We went to Vegas and got to stay at the Mandalay Bay and see Lion King. We all loved it!! Jai thought that the millions of dollars worth of costumes that the characters had on were not that great because we could tell they were people playing all the animals. We cracked up. Josh loved the elephant that had a person in each leg. It was ginormous and very cool. It was a once in a lifetime and we were glad to experience it. The best was the pool though.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good times at Lagoon!!

After the temple day we needed to have a party day so we headed out to lagoon. The kids loved it especially Ash. She was psycho on the rides. Josh was a maniac also but he was bummed out and got sick (but just for a minute and then he was good) Kai and Jaidyn played it safe and stayed close to Todd. They knew he wouldn't get on any rides that might make him sick. He gets ill and knows better then riding anything that will make him barf in public. We laughed a lot and had a great time with the Steadman fam. I also want to say to Ash that I totally would have ridin the Samari but the line was too long. Ya that's it! Too long!!

Baptisms with the Steadmans

We did baptisms with the Steadmans at the Jordan River Temple. It was Randys first time and the kids all thought it was pretty cool. The only thing was the Jordan River temple is (we hear) the busiest temple in the world and there were so many people there that it took 3 hours. Next we left and did baptisms in the SLC temple and that was less then an hour. The kids thought it was so pretty in there. Ash said it looked like a castle and now I want to go and see it. They all said that the temple workers in the Salt Lake temple were the nicest ever and loved it the best!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Even Bella liked the hiking

Bella was a fan of the hike but needed some water. She didn't even poop on the trail like the other naughty dogs. Although we would have picked it up or buried it because we are such responsible dog owners! Right kids!!
Hiking at Red cliffs with the fam! We were there with Rogers family but they decided to skip the hike because it was a million degrees and they have little kids. I don't blame them but we had a lot of fun.